Dating A Burlesque Diva Changed My Life: This Is My experience

13.02.2016 6096
The real partner in crime should have few of the basic senses.

For example a positive attitude towards mess, not to ambitiously run around every weekend, polishing all the taps in the bathroom, or they should just leave the dishes in the sink just to leave them resting for that little while longer. To me an overachieved order at home means a huge mess in yourself. Some people don’t have to agree with me, but I am saying so on what I have seen in other people in the past few years.

Anyway, another good sense is a sense for creation. Creative human is a receptive being, the lies, untruths, falls, bad situations are deeply written inside of them after broken relationships, bullying, mockery, humiliation, abuse or lonelines. There is no artist without deep negative emotions. Even though, you can find there self love, childisch happiness caused by little things, desire of beauty or desire to sell yourself, but most of all there is the ability to transform all those feelings into a work of art, and in the end to bring it out to the surface as your own statement.

Red Herring and Diamond Fairy 

Life with such a person is good. I live a good life and it consists of different non-boring situations. Sometimes there appears another interesting artist from abroad in your living room, he/she is touring Europe and your partner in crime offers them accommodation. Our couch was so far offered to legendary Armitage Shanks, amazing Red Herring and powerful Bettie Blackheart. What happens to be the utmost standard nowadays are glitters, behind my ear, on the books, shoes and for the last time even in the tank of our tortoise. Spontaneous dance practicing for the new number, I get to watch are so common and incalculable as your bowel movements. The bookshelf bursts with books and DVDs with the titles of famous showgirls, about fetish, dance, but also books about leading your own business, how to manage stress and not to turn gray before 35. And also vegan cookbook. Scattered corsets or fishnet stockings are surprisingly the last thing I keep finding around. I also got used to the fact that my black shirt and smoking shoes are worn ever so often ever since I live with a burlesque dancer. I would hate to miss one of her local cabaret shows. My social life has grown into another dimension. I have met people from a community unknown to me, I got to visit places I only walked by and ignored. My awful lazy english is getting the best out of me, but I am thankful for that. Good life.

Armitage Shanks, Brano and Diamond Fairy

Don‘t be affraid to try a relationship with a person that has different values than 95% of population. You will have a reason to move on and take a trip from time to time. You will have reason to meet people, or you will have to put a short notice in the job you have hated so much, you will realize that life has no expiry date. And maybe you will have a reason to see women in a different light than most of the “modern” sexist society. If that person is not afraid to show their butt to the things that keep them frustrated, despite of the view of majority, it is a good foundation for free and funny life. And life is great, when you have freedom in it. Live good lives.

I live with a burlesque diva ;)


Braňo Vartovnik and Diamond Fairy