The big burlesque and striptease revelation!

13.08.2016 2225
Our big burlesque debut in a strip club is coming, so it is time to clarify few details. Although these two genres have many common elements, there is a huge difference between them...



It’s a world famous type of art with a huge history. The name origins from the Italian word "joke" and originally it was a musical & dramatic genre associated with comedy and irony. It was actually the golden era of 30s - 50s what has become iconic for burlesque. In this period, burlesque celebrated the greatest popularity and was the high class entertainment. The word "stripper" was actually invented in that time. The stars of burlesque shows were well known showbiz stars alongside legendary Marilyn Monroe and others.

Modern burlesque scene retains much from the past. Nowadays performers pushed it to a higher level, to the stage performances with erotic tinge, huge props and made-to-measure costumes. It is actually elegance, sensuality, feminity and the fact that performers never strip off completely what makes shows interesting and exciting.


When sexuality, style, humor and playfulness all come together, along with a bit of innocence, well, that’s when a burlesque show becomes great." - Dita Von Teese





Is an exotic dance performed in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner. Dancers usually undress completely or partially. While the 1920s brought a new twist to the striptease with the addition of pole dancing. In the 1950s, pole dancing was slowly seeping into the sex industry and becoming a staple. The main part is stripping and nudity, not costumes or artistic backround. In the past, performances ended as soon as the dancer took off the clothes, nowadays performers usually continue topless or completely naked. Exotic dancers work in Gentlemen clubs, whose part is also a private dance, where men can pay extra “lap dancing” or “table dancing”.

Only one third of exotic dancers are men which entertain women with dancing creations. The only nudity you can expect is (usually) only up to the waist.

You can also see the difference between striptease and burlesque right after entering the show. While burlesque is usually a special occasion that requires a special dresscode, striptease is mostly in stable clubs with a different type of audience.

What's the difference between a burlesque dancer and a stripper? A stripper makes money.- World Famous Bob

We have prepared for you a combination of both genres with charming gentlemen from the New Flame group and we have put together a unique show that will be kicked off on 31st August in the luxurious and only strip club for ladies in Central Europe - 4ladies menstrip. Reserve your seat at

We give you a word of a stripper that this night will blow your mind.


Catrice Cat