Magie Noire

Creative, witty, charming, amazing! That is Magie Noire. Her graceful moves and decent amount of humor will get you to your knees! She takes many different dance classes and loves all kinds of sports, what you can certainly notice on her perfect figure. But this is not all. Magie creates all our wonderful nipple pasties, jewelry and other accessories. She is member of Bratislava Burlesque since 2014.

Winter Queen

Do you love fairy tales? Do you love winter? If your answer is double "Yes!", this breathtaking and frosty glittering act will fulfill your wishes!

However, you better don't think it'll make you cold. Oh no, Magie will send blood pulsating through your veins and have your heart racing at break neck speed.

The Snake Enchantress
Prichádza k vám hadia kráľovná z púšte, ktorá vám priblíži kúzlo týchto magických bytostí. Had je úžasný tvor, na jednej strane dokáže zabíjať, ale na druhej strane svojím jedom lieči a navracia životnú silu. Hady vedia byť nebezpečné...ale ich pohyby sú také sexy...

Cleaning Lady

Traditional burlesque act with a huge amount of humor, sexepeal and tantalizing tease. Does anyone need a cleaning lady? 

Love Potion

Mystical and glamorous burlesque act. Be careful because she can enchant you with her love potion and gets whatever she wants!


Proud, vigorous and unbound is this woman with hot blood. Don't try to annoy her, because she is smart and overwhelm you with her temperament.